Naples Bridal Show Recap - How to choose your photographer?

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Monday, June 13, 2016
By Jamie Lee Photography
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The bridal show at the Naples Hilton yesterday was pretty awesome! We were surrounded by food vendors, which is great place to be to score free food....! We really enjoyed getting back out there and talking to brides looking for the vendors that fit them best. That's what it is really about: finding what works best for you and your wedding and a bridal show is a great place to a few vendors at one time. 

When you are looking for a photographer, fit is super important. How do you find a photographer that fits you? There are 3 questions you need to answer to decide which photographer is the right one for you. Here is how we answer them: (we might be just your size!)

1. What personality type do you want? 
We would describe ourselves as easy going planners. Organized, yet flexible.


2. How do they manage a wedding shoot and what is there style of posing?
During wedding events we are more discrete while shooting. During posed portraits we direct our clients into natural interactive poses, such as holding hands while walking on the beach or whispering something funny to get your spouse to laugh.


3. What do their photos look like?
Our style is vibrant and colorful. We often use lighting to enhance the colors of the natural sky. 


 We hope this helps!

If you came by yesterday, we hope you enjoyed yourself and found what you needed. Best of luck on your planning! 

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