Big Events: Inspiring Hope for the Future

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Monday, June 06, 2016
By Jamie Lee Photography
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It's graduation season! The best graduations tend to inspire hope in the future and a brighter tomorrow, don't they? Isn't a wedding similar? 

One of the main reasons weddings are such an important celebration is because of how defining they are in the lives of the couple and their families. As a bride and groom, you will dedicate yourself to each other for as long as you live on your special day. That kind of commitment inspires hope and joy in your families and should do the same for everyone in attendance. Inspirational moments like: 

-being surrounded by your sorority girlfriends at your reception

-parents laying hands on you to pray for your future

-sharing a toast with your new hubby

These are all shared and deeply meaningful moments for each couple. You see, as a celebration, almost no other event comes close to your wedding. Make sure you capture those moments (with a professional photographer, of course!) as a reminder of the inspiration you are to your family and friends. Moments like these....

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